10 Best Torrent Sites for Downloading Free Content (Sep 2022)

The best torrent siteThe following guide details this Best torrent site For downloading content securely and reliably.

Torrent sites are very popular in terms of downloading content, including movies, shows, music, books, and much more. Unfortunately, users won’t find any live content on torrent sites.

If you want to stream live TV, we recommend using our IPTV guide, which lists the best IPTV services available today.

Best Internet TV Service

Many of the websites listed below make up some of the most popular sites on the entire internet.

They receive millions of visitors every month and are known worldwide for their popularity and downloadability.

Torrenting has gained a bad reputation due to its download nature, however, as long as you proceed safely, there is nothing to worry about.

The best way to ensure your safety while torrenting is to use a VPN that will encrypt your IP address, giving you complete anonymity.

Surf Shark VPN for torrenting

Usually, Kodi plugins and APK use various torrent sites to provide streaming links on your favorite devices, including Amazon Fire Stick.

How to escape the hell with a fire stick

Since torrents must be downloaded, these links will play unbuffered for a flawless streaming experience on any device.

The following options make up our list of the best torrent sites for a number of reasons, including seeder ratios, advertising, and overall popularity.

Since torrents must be downloaded, these links will play unbuffered for a flawless streaming experience on any device.


  • 1 Best Torrent Sites – Top 10
  • 2 How to download torrents
  • 3 Best torrent site
    • 3.1 Pirate Bay – King of torrents
    • 3.2 1337X – Very popular
    • 3.3 RARBG – Global torrent site
    • 3.4 YTS – High quality user interface
    • 3.5 EZTV – The best torrent site for TV shows
    • 3.6 Torenz 2 – Best Torrent Search Engine
    • 3.7 Lime Tunnel – Plenty of categories to choose from
    • 3.8 iDope – Fast torrent site
    • 3.9 Torrends.to – Easy-to-use torrent sites
    • 3.10 Torrent Download – Best Music Torrent Website
  • 4 Best Torrent Sites – Other Options
  • 5 Protect yourself when using torrent sites
  • 6 Are torrent sites legal?
  • 7 Best Torrent Websites FAQ
    • 7.1 What is the best torrent website?
    • 7.2 Should I use a VPN when torrenting?
    • 7.3 Is it free to download torrents?
    • 7.4 Is torrenting legal?
    • 7.5 correlation

Best Torrent Sites – Top 10

1. Pirate Bay
2. 1337X
3. Raab
4. Zoo
5. BLK
6. BLK
7. Tolrenz 2
8. Torrent Milky Way
9. Love Dopp
10. Torrends.to

The torrent sites listed above are currently running and offer the content to download all types of files.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a torrent site to download, which is why we sort them based on the overall experience.

However, before choosing a site, you will want to know the steps to download torrents using the torrent client.

How to download torrents

Downloading torrents is a simple process that only takes a few steps.

Before choosing a torrent site, you need to install a torrent client on your PC, Mac, or other torrenting device.

There are plenty of torrent clients to choose from, including the popular q Bitcoin client.

How to download torrents

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Once you have selected and installed the torrenting client, you can now visit one of the popular torrent sites below to find your content.

Downloading is as simple as choosing your torrent and opening it through the torrent client.

You can then select the path you want to download and start downloading the file. When the file download is complete, you will see a torrent completion notification. That’s it!

Now, let’s find a torrent site that suits your needs.

Note: Before downloading torrents through a torrent client, always make sure you’re connected to a VPN so that your data is never made public!

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IPTV services are linked to organized crime, and you don’t want your personal details to be in their hands.

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Surf Shark will encrypt your connection to the internet and block your IP address so that you become anonymous.

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Best torrent site

Pirate Bay – King of torrents

The most well-known torrent site ever known is The Pirate Bay, which has millions of users all over the world.

The Pirate Bay has stood the test of time and even encountered the geographical blockade restrictions of various countries and regions.

The Pirate Bay official website has a large number of domain names that are constantly changing.

Therefore, you may need to use a mirror site to access these seeds with various shapes and sizes.

Many people prefer to download movies and TV shows from the Pirate Bay, however, there are other options including:

  • Music
  • application
  • Game
  • book
  • Adult content
  • And much more

The best torrent site in the Pirate Bay

Searching for a torrent you like is a breeze, or you can make a random selection using the “I feel lucky” option.

Official website of the Pirate Bay Hotel

Mirror: tpbpirateproxy.org thepiratebay10.org proxybay.xyz pirateproxy.id

1337X – Very popular

1337X is a fabulous torrent site that is perfect for all your download needs.

Try surfing sharks now without risk!

The homepage has a simple search option with a variety of categories to choose from, including:

  • Movie
  • TV
  • Game
  • Music
  • anime
  • documentary
  • thirty
  • And much more

1337x Best Torrent Sites

The options are sorted by size, seeder and immersor ratio, and the quality of the file you are looking for.

1337X has been around since 2007 and hopes to continue to be one of the best torrent sites in the coming years.

1337X official website

Mirror: 1337x.is x1337x.se x1337x.eu x1337x.ws 1337x.st

RARBG – Global torrent site

RARBG is a popular torrent site that attracts millions of visitors from all over the world every month.

Those who prefer can choose to create an account with RARBG and log in to add features when accessed.

There is no search option on the RARBG homepage, however, there are many categories to choose from:

  • Movie
  • thirty
  • television program
  • Game
  • Music
  • Software
  • And much more

The best torrent site in Ragab

RARBG also has a trailer category, which you can find on many torrent websites.

Access the official website via the following link:

Raab official website

Mirror: rarbgmirror.xyz/index70.php rarbgmirror.org/index70.php rarbgmirror.com/index70.php rarbgunblock.com/index70.php rarbgprx.org/index70.php

YTS – High quality user interface

YTS is a rebranding of the super popular YIFY Movie Torrent website, which is no longer available.

The home screen of YTS is sleek and easy to use, with quick options available with just one click.

There are some ads on the site, however, they are not overwhelming and can easily be shut down.

Categories include:

  • family
  • 4k
  • trend
  • Browse movies

yts.mx The best torrent site

Similar to RARBG, users can sign up for an account that will provide them with additional features.

The official website of Yellow Hostel

Mirror: ww.yts.vc yts.unblockit.app yts.pm

EZTV – The best torrent site for TV shows

EZTV sorts torrents by recently added torrents, so you can always find fresh content to download.

Users can filter content by video quality as well as size release date, d torrent.

The available categories are different from other popular torrent sites and include:

  • family
  • TV bag
  • Countdown list
  • Calendar
  • Displays a list
  • forum
  • And much more

eztv Best Torrent Site

Using forums in EZTV is a great way to participate in torrenting and learn some useful tips and tricks.

The official website of EasyView

Mirror: eztv.ch eztv.it eztv.ag

Torenz 2 – Best Torrent Search Engine

Torrentz2 bills itself as “the world’s most popular torrent search engine”.

Try surfing sharks now without risk!

While others offer a variety of categories for you to browse, Torrent2 is more like a simple and easy-to-use search engine.

Search content will give you thousands of torrent options sorted by size, date, and more.

Torenz 2 Best Torrent Sites

One of the most notable features of Torrentz2 is the small number of ads that you will encounter that can bring a pleasant torrenting experience.

Official website of Torenz 2

Mirror: torrentzeu.org

Lime Tunnel – Plenty of categories to choose from

Many music fans will remember the popular LimeWire website, which offers thousands of files for download.

The Lime Tunnel is a torrent site that works in the same way and is suitable for a large number of options, including:

  • Movie
  • display
  • Music
  • Game
  • application
  • anime
  • others

Lime Tol Tolense Best Torrent Site

You can choose to create an account for the premium features, or you can choose the categories of New Torrents, Top Torrents, and FAQs.

The lime tunnel has existed since 2009 and continues to be one of the most popular torrent sites today.

Lime Tunnel official website

Mirror: LimeTor.Pro

iDope – Fast torrent site

“Tribute to the Kikas Torrent” is how iDope flagged this famous torrent site.

iDope works very fast and offers some of the highest quality torrent options including movies, TV shows, anime, and more.

If you prefer, you can sign up for a free membership with iDope for additional features and benefits.

Torrents are separated by size and category, which will simplify your overall torrenting experience.

Idol the best torrent site

iDope also has an easy-to-use app that can be used on mobile devices and more.

Official website of Edop

Mirror: iDope.buzz

Torrends.to – Easy-to-use torrent sites

Torrends.to is a rebranding of well-known torrents.io websites that are no longer available.

This new website brings an updated interface with tons of torrent options including movies, shows, games, apps, software, and more.

The categories offered include:

  • Movies and TV shows
  • routine
  • Music
  • Game
  • book
  • anime
  • physical education
  • And much more


You can quickly search for torrents or browse the options offered, including various seed sites such as those listed above.

Unlike most sites on this list, Torrends.to has the fewest ads, which makes navigation much easier.

Torrends.to official website

Mirror: torrends.info

Torrent Download – Best Music Torrent Website

Last but not least, torrentdownloads have high-quality torrent links for quick downloads on our list of best torrent sites.

While users will encounter ads on this popular torrent site, the content available is easy to find and categorize into various categories.

This includes:

  • television program
  • Movie
  • Music
  • Game
  • Software
  • book
  • other

Torrent download

Files are listed by size, torrent, and leech, making choosing a download option simple and quick.

However, each torrent file has an associated health rating to ensure that your download is safe.

Try surfing sharks now without risk!

Registered users have a login option and even a FAQ to help you learn all the important details of downloading torrents.

Torrent download the official website

Mirror: torrentdownloads.mrunlock.pro

Best Torrent Sites – Other Options

While the websites listed above are the best options for you to download media content and files, there are some other very popular and noteworthy options.

These include:

  • Kick ass Trenz
  • Solid tunnels
  • Dirty tunnels
  • Elite Trent

There are also various “private” Torrent sites that require a membership or subscription to access.

Many of them are difficult to get into, however, if you find a way, then you will have access to fabulous torrent content.

Protect yourself when using torrent sites

Downloading torrents safely is a top priority for anyone who uses this technique to find media files, etc.

When torrenting to your device, your IP address is visible to the public, which can expose you to malware, hacking, etc.

When torrenting, the best way to ensure your security and privacy is to use a VPN that will encrypt your IP address, leaving you completely anonymous.

Many torrenters without vPNs have received copyright notice letters from their internet service providers.

If you make sure to use a VPN when torrenting, you will be completely anonymous, so people like your ISP won’t be able to see your online activity.

IPTV Line recommends Surf Shark as your torrent download VPN because of its low price and encryption features like torrenting.

Surf Shark VPN – The Best VPN for Torrenting

Are torrent sites legal?

Torrenting is completely legal and is used by millions of people around the world to share media files, etc.

However, in some cases, downloading torrents can be illegal depending on what you download.

Downloading torrents of copyrighted material or licensed content is illegal and you may encounter legal issues.

We recommend using a VPN when downloading torrents, and only downloading content that is in the public domain.

Legal Disclaimer: IPTV WIRE does not own or operate any IPTV Services or streaming applications. We do not host or distribute any applications. We do not verify that iptv service or application developers have the appropriate licenses. End Users shall be solely responsible for media accessed through any devices, applications, plug-ins or services mentioned on our website.

For 100% legitimate IPTV services, IPTV wires are recommended Vidego.

Best Torrent Websites FAQ

What is the best torrent website?

Some of the best torrent sites include yts.mx, Pirate Bay, iDope, Torrent Download, and other sites available in our list above.

Should I use a VPN when torrenting?

Yes. You should always use a VPN in conjunction with torrent sites to protect your privacy and ensure that your connection is encrypted.

Is it free to download torrents?

Yes. Downloading torrents from any of the above sites using your favorite torrent client is completely free.

Is torrenting legal?

Torrenting is legal as long as there is no copyright to protect them. Always make sure to download legitimate torrents such as movies and shows that are in the public domain.

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